Electric wire fencing

Many visitors to our Killer Cows site have suggested the use of electric fencing to keep cattle separated from walkers on a public footpath.

One of our commentators, Martin, has taken the time to create a simple diagram to explain how the fencing could be moved during the day to allow cattle access to the whole field, while still protecting the footpath.

Cattle on Public Footpaths (the wire solution)electric fences can stop cattle attacks

Martin wrote to his MP with this suggestion back in 2014. Sadly, he could not get his MP interested in this important issue of public protection.

But what about the costs?

Yes, fencing costs money, but dealing with the aftermath of a cattle attack can be very costly to farmers too. And stressful. There will be Riddor reports to fill out, a Health and Safety Executive investigation to respond to, and the possibility of both criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

Many responsible farmers do use permanent electric fencing to keep their cattle constrained. Others use temporary fencing at times when the risk to the public is high, for example during the calving season.

If you have an opinion you want to share, do let us know.

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