Report an Incident

Recording what happened to you is important. It helps us to persuade organisations that scary incidents with cattle are common and supports our campaign to make the countryside safer for walkers.

We suggest you use our Cattle Incidents form, using Poll Daddy, below. It helps us collect statistics about the event, as well as allowing you to tell us your story in your own words.

We won’t share this information with anybody else without contacting you first. If you are happy for your story to be posted on the Killer Cows site, please tell us on the form.

If you have problems using the Poll Daddy form, you can always contact us via our own contact form.

We strongly urge you to consider reporting the event to official organisations as well. Here are some you could contact in England and Wales.

  • The Ramblers through their Pathwatch reporting service.
  • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), if the incident occurs on farmland.
  • The footpath officer of the local authority where the incident happened. If you have a postcode, you can find the local authority by using the find your local council search tool on . Or, an easy way of passing on a complaint is by using the Fix My Street website, where you select an area from a map and don’t require a postcode.
  • The farmer who owns the cattle, if you can work out who it is. One way of finding out who owns a field is use a Land Registry search. There is a small fee payable for each search.

We know most cattle attacks go unreported. This means that the people who should be working to protect the public (such as farmers and the HSE) tend to underestimate the risks. By reporting your story, to us and to the authorities, you are helping to make the countryside a safer place for walkers.

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