Facts and Stats

When it comes to talking about the risk of being injured by cattle, the official line is that the risk is very low.

For example, the number of visits to the English countryside every year is quoted as being around 1.3 billion (taken from the MENE 2013-14 survey). And yet only 1 walker dies every year as a result of a cattle attack. Therefore, the argument goes, the risks are staggering low.

We don’t believe the risks are low.


Official facts and figures on cattle attacks.

Looking for research papers on cattle behaviour and injuries caused by cattle? They’re surprisingly hard to find.

Start with this one written by academic researchers from the University of Liverpool: When cows attack.

Separate fact from fiction with our series of blogs on Myth busting.

[We will continue to add more information to this section of the site. Please contact us if you discover a research paper or interesting facts you believe are worth including.]



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