If you have been scared or injured by cattle while walking in the countryside of England or Wales, this is the place for you.

Who are we?

We are a group of walkers who have experienced aggressive behaviour by cattle. Some of us have been badly injured and suffered weeks of pain and disability as a result of attacks by cows.

  • We believe that the public have the right to use a public right of way without risking injury or death.
  • We respect the right of farmers to manage their farms, and recognise that walkers need to behave sensibly around livestock and keep dogs under control.
  • We know hundreds of walkers have had problems with cattle while out walking in the countryside, and in most cases these problems were entirely unprovoked.
  • We want to see changes and improvements, to make the countryside a safer place for walkers.

Are YOU angry that attacks by cattle are not being taken seriously enough?

We strongly urge all walkers who have been injured or scared by cattle to REPORT their story. By collecting stories and raising awareness, we will change attitudes and bring about improvements.

killer cattle

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