Who we are

We are the COWS (Cows On Walkers Safety), a small group of walkers who have come together to raise awareness of the dangers posed by cattle. Some of us have been badly scared. Some of us have been badly injured. Some of us nearly died.

What we are not

We are not an official organisation. We have no funds and no political agenda. We do not represent farmers, lobbyists, or lawyers. We are not out to make money.

Why we are here

Our aim is to make our footpaths safer for walkers, across England and Wales, by reducing the risk posed by cattle.

How are we doing this?

We have collected information, research, statistics and personal stories, all in one place, to be used as a resource by walkers, by the media, and by anybody else interested in improving safety in our countryside.

  • Statistics are important to help persuade the authorities that this problem is larger and more common than they realise.
  • Stories are important to show that these events happen to ordinary people, people like you and me, who simply set out to enjoy the countryside.

What are we campaigning for?

  1. All farmers who keep livestock to carry personal liability insurance.
  2. All cattle to be separated from walkers on our National Trails.
  3. A central database, where all incidents of cattle aggression against walkers can be recorded across England and Wales.

How YOU can help.

We want to record the stories of people who have been scared or injured by cattle. Please, help us collect this information, and tell us your story, by taking a few minutes to fill in our reporting form.

Support our campaigns by raising the issue with relevant organisations and by spreading the word on social media.

If you want to join our COWS group and help with our work, please contact us via the contact form.

If you have an opinion you want to share, do let us know.

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