Charged by bullocks, and a lucky escape

In 2010, I was crossing a field with my husband. We were on a public footpath in the Duddon Valley, near Seathwaite Village, Cumbria (Grid Ref: SD 2278096094). We didn’t have a dog with us.

A group of bullocks started moving towards us. My husband shooed them back, but they raced onwards. I fled to the gate while my husband tried to stop them by clacking his walking sticks together. To no avail. He barely got through the tiny opening in the gate, before the bullocks hit the gate full on.

If we hadn’t managed to escape through the gate, there’s no doubt we’d have been trampled.

A man from the area was walking his dogs nearby. He told us he never used the footpath because of the animals, and always took a longer route around to avoid them. They regularly chased walkers.

I know it happened some time ago, but it has had a real impact on me and has prevented me from walking across fields with animals. I’m terrified of bullocks and even cows worry me now. Many walkers in our walking group are also afraid after similar incidents.

I would prefer it if bulls and bullocks were not kept in fields with footpaths, or would like proper signs suggesting alternative routes.

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