Myth: Bulls chase the colour red.

“I’d advise not wearing red near bulls.”

Oh dear. You’ve been watching too many cartoons. This definitely is a myth.

Bulls don’t really care what colour you are wearing. Neither do cows. Cattle are virtually colour blind.

To be fair, there is some evidence cattle have limited colour receptors in their eyes, and might be able to distinguish red, although to them the colour red will look like a slightly different shade of grey.

It certainly isn’t true that bulls chase red objects and ignore the rest.

Then, why do they use red capes in a bull ring?

Bull holding a red cape and proving he is colour blindThe reason a bull will appear to chase a matador’s red cape in a bull ring, is because the animal is being threatened. He charges the thing he sees moving around. The cape.

The colour of the cape is irrelevant, as was demonstrated by using different colours in a Discovery Channel myth-busting experiment.

So bull’s don’t chase the colour red. There is really no need to keep repeating this myth. It’s just not true.

Neither will avoiding wearing the colour red keep you safe from bulls. That’s not true either.

Thank you to Pixabay for the images used on this page.
Header by OpenClipart-Vectors and cartoon by Clker-free-Vector-Images

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  1. we were both wearing dark colours when we were attacked, so yes it doesn’t seem to matter what colour you wear – or what you do, if a cow is jumpy and you’re in their field – you’re in trouble! (cattle don’t seem to know the law on public footpaths!)


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