How many walkers need to die…?

…before cattle attacks are taken seriously?

One of our COWS members gets the message across, with the help of a nursery rhyme and a sketch pad..

2 thoughts on “How many walkers need to die…?

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  1. I am from Canada, and I am suspecting, from the reports I have read on this site, that our cattle are not even a fraction as aggressive as uk cattle. That said, I am confused by the references to “accidental falls” being attributed to cattle. If I see a snake and am startled and twist my ankle… it the snake’s fault? If I see a ewe and am scared of sheep and subsequently fall whilst I am running away screaming, by choice, is it the ewe’s fault? If I am walking in the wilds…….or as in the uk, in the rural areas (there aren’t really ‘wilds’ left in the uk, as beautiful as it is) and I am startled because of my own individual, and innately my own, human fears……is it the fault of the rural environment? I wonder if, when one is fearful of the things found in a rural environment, perhaps one should remain in the urban environment to avoid such terrors. I have walked numerous long distance paths in the uk, and as I am not afraid of cattle, it seems the cattle I have encountered were indifferent to me. Any cattle I encountered that showed any interest in me had been clearly habituated by previous walkers feeding them apples, carrots, and sugar……..or some other treat, and they were less ‘aggressive’ than they were ‘trained to approach humans for food’. Maybe perceived aggression is not the fault of the cattle?? Just a thought.


    1. Hi Kris. I have walked through many fields of cows, and I guess 99.9% of the time I’ve not had a problem. But on a few occasions I’ve been really scared. Talking to the three seriously injured people in our Horror Stories section has been an eye-opener. All 3 were deliberately attacked. One was a farmer’s daughter and up until the attack had no fear of cows. In all 3 cases, dogs were involved (but important to note that the dogs didn’t attack the cattle, it was the other way round.) in all 3 cases it was continental (European) breeds of beef cattle. Beef cattle have far less human contact than dairy cows, and there is growing anecdotal evidence that some of the continental breeds are more aggressive than native UK breeds. it will be interesting to see what statistics we come up with as more people begin reporting their stories to us.


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