Cattle kill 6 a year in Northern Ireland

Farmer Victor Chestnutt is deputy president of the Ulster Farmers’ Union and very aware of the need to handle cattle with caution. As part of Farm Safety Week, he described how he was nearly gored by one of his own cows a few years ago.

“I was very fortunate – I could have been killed.”

The cow had recently calved, and was secured in a pen for a routine TB test when she turned on the farmer. The cow was put down, but the farmer kept her horns as a reminder of his escape.

The animal that attacked him was a Highland cow. Highland Cattle are one of the UK’s oldest and best know breeds, with their long hair and impressive horns. Small in stature, they are usually good natured. But as Victor Chestnutt’s experience demonstrates, any cow can attack without warning, particularly one who has recently calved.

You can read the original BBC report here: Farm leader in cow attack safety warning.



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