If you have been scared or injured by cattle while walking in the countryside of England or Wales, this is the place for you. Firstly, you are NOT alone. Look around the site and read other people's stories, and feel free to contact us with your own story. In fact, we strongly urge all walkers who... Continue Reading →

It’s not just humans…

Limousin cows are the breed we most often feature in our Horror Stories section. Why? Because they are now the commonest type of beef cattle farmed in the UK, and because Limousin cows do seem to be more aggressive than traditional British breeds. It’s not just humans who are at risk. Just look at what happened... Continue Reading →

Another trample on Devil’s Dyke

They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but cows certainly can. This week, a man was attacked while walking in a local beauty spot on the South Downs Way, a place called Devil's Dyke. The victim was airlifted to hospital with head and chest injuries. You can read the report in the... Continue Reading →

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