Thinking of suing? A successful case.

Three years ago, Mrs CW was quietly crossing a field with her dog on a lead. A cow first knocked her down from behind, and then subjected her to a terrifying trampling attack. Mrs CW sustained serious injuries and spent time in intensive care, before having to learn to walk again.

We asked her whether she had considered suing the farmer, and this is what she said.

My claim after the cattle attack:

I did pursue compensation via a solicitor on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. The farmer was insured with the NFU. It took 6 months of negotiation, but eventually I agreed to an out of court settlement.

I won £32,000, and the solicitor took 25% of the payout. If the case had gone to court there no guarantee of a better offer and I would have had to go down the road of further medicals etc.

I never really wanted to claim, all I wanted was for this never to happen to anyone else. I am very lucky I made a good recovery and the compensation was ok, but no amount of money compensated for the constant pain and disablement I experienced for 12 months.

Advice for other victims of a cattle attack:

  • It is very important to keep a diary of events from day one to include details of your injuries, all appointments for rehabilitation and all household jobs you are unable to do.
  • Also keep receipts for all expenses incurred eg. hotel and travel costs for family, receipts for domestic help, gardening, dog walking, taxis etc.

We’re glad to hear that Mrs CW achieved a substantial pay out after her horrific injuries.

This case shows the importance of keeping a record of all your expenses after you’ve been injured. It also demonstrates how important it is for farmers to have adequate insurance.

Not all cases are equally successful. Read about David’s experience: Thinking of suing? Pitfalls and delays. Also read Libby’s account of her successful claim, and her excellent advice: Thinking of suing? What do I do?


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