Richard’s Story: helping a fellow walker escape

On the 8th June, I was walking on a footpath through Wild Bank Moors, just past the trig point, near Stalybridge. I was on my own and had my dog on a lead.

There were a group of around 25 cows blocking the footpath. I gave them a wide berth, passing through the field by going off the footpath. A fellow walker attempted to pass through the same field with his dog on a lead, via the footpath, and was surrounded by the cows. They jostled and barged him. He managed to make it to the fence and I helped him and his dog over the barbed wire.

The dog was unharmed, but the walker had minor injuries from climbing over the barbed wire. By his own admission, had he tripped it could have been fatal.

A young dad and his two young sons were contemplating the footpath and I was able to signal them to steer clear – but others might have found themselves in similar danger. There were no warning signs. I would suggest a fence is needed to keep walkers and cattle apart.

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