Sarah’s Story: my dogs were chased by a herd of cows.

On the 1st June, 2022, I was walking on a public footpath on Hob Moor, near Acomb, with my two small dogs on a lead. A herd of cows came towards me, and I let my dogs off the lead.

One dog was surrounded by approximately 8 cows. She tried to get away, but they kept following her, moving at speed, and she just froze. My other dog ran away, and the whole herd went chasing after him, and chased him for a long time until I lost sight of him.

Other people began helping me look for my missing dog. I thought he must have got through a barbed wire fence by the beck, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Eventually, a lady found him near our house. He had crossed several roads but thankfully was OK. Just very shaken, as was I. In fact, I was terrified.

Luckily, both my dogs were uninjured, but I had scratched and nettled legs from running through grass trying to find my missing dog.

I have been taking my dogs on Hob Moor for 14 years and have never witnessed anything like this before. The Moor is used by lots of dog walkers and I think a warning should be issued in the local news and media. Posters should be put up to warn that the cattle there are more dangerous than in previous years. A safe passage should be created for people with dogs, so they can walk through.

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