Keith J’s story: charged by bulls

On the 28th August, 2021, I was walking with my partner between Gillamoor, North Yorkshire, to Hutton-Le-Hole. We were on a public footpath crossing farmland.

We were walking across the field, on the path between two stiles. There were two or three horses in the field, and we walked past them on our left with the dog on the lead. We could hear noises to our right, and saw three young, black bulls either playing or fighting with each other.

Suddenly, the three bulls started running towards us.

We let the dog off the lead, and shouted and waved our arms at the bulls – but they kept coming.

I moved to the nearest stile and called the dog, but he ran back towards the other stile and the bulls charged after him. My partner ran after them, running behind the bulls. The horses then charged at the bulls, who retreated back down the field to their starting position. My partner and the dog got themselves out of the field and waited for me at the stile. I started walking back towards them, keeping near the fence just in case.

The dog started barking, and the bulls ran back again to investigate. When they saw me, they charged.

The horses were standing between me and the bulls, but the bulls split up and went around the horses, coming at me from both sides. I threw myself over the barbed wire fence to escape. The bulls stood at the fence, snorting at me and pawing the ground.

Worried they would charge the fence, I walked along the edge of the field hoping they’d lose interest, but they didn’t. So, I had to climb into another field and work my way around to where my partner and the dog were waiting.

I thought it was illegal to keep bulls in a field with a public footpath. At the very least, it is reckless and dangerous.

We weren’t badly hurt, but we all had bruises and scratches from our efforts to escape – rushing under the stile (the dog), over the stile (my partner), and over the wire fences (me).

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Image by pen_ash from Pixabay

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