Maxine’s story: rammed by a cow

On the 20th August, I was walking with my husband along the Monsal Trail, near Bakewell, Derbyshire.

We came to a stile where 3 bullocks and a cow were standing. We walked calmly in order to pass them – when, suddenly, the cow charged at my husband and rammed its horn into his stomach.

The force of the charge knocked my husband into me, and we both fell on the floor.

My husband grew up around cows and he immediately stood up to face the cow to allow me to get up. We were near trees and bushes and so scrambled through bushes to get away. The horn broke through my husband’s skin, and caused him bruising and pain. I was very stiff after the fall, and I twisted my knee. Although we didn’t need medical help afterwards, we were both really shaken.

I saw families picnicking near the cows earlier. After we were attacked, a few seconds later, two other walkers were attacked by the same cow.

We didn’t see any warning signs about cattle, and we didn’t have a dog with us. We haven’t reported the incident to anyone.

This isn’t the first incident with cattle that I’ve experienced. I have been on the receiving end of “inquisitive” cows so many times, and also charged by a herd in the past.

Respondent ID: 253876584

Image taken from Monsal Trail information leaflet

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