Alison’s story: sprint to the stile

On the 9th June, 2021, I was walking on my own along a public footpath in Wales, near Whitchuch. I was coming back from the Woollen Mill at Solva and walking across fields to get back down into Solva.

I had just climbed over a stile to join the footpath that ran along the edge of the field. The field was sloping upwards from the path. As I was walking along the footpath the cows or bullocks (I’m not sure which) started to run down the hill towards me and the path. I became very frightened and started to shoo them away. But they kept coming.

One was heading to the front of my path, and I was way too frightened to continue, so I turned and started to run back towards the stile. I kept shouting at the cattle, but they just got faster, and I ended up sprinting.

Thankfully, I made it to the stile just in time and practically threw myself over it.

As I turned, they were all pressed up against the stile – so I could have been crushed!

I would like to see signs up at the stiles with warnings if there are bullocks in a field, or cattle that are likely to do this, so you can decide whether to walk through or turn round. Had I known the cattle were there, I wouldn’t have entered the field.

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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