M Wood’s story: charged by cows

On the 7th August, 2021, I was walking across a grazing field near Wentworth, South Yorkshire, where there was a herd of cows, bullocks and calves. I was on a well-used and well-signed footpath. I had my dog on a short lead, which I always do when walking where there is any risk of encounters with livestock.

I was encircled by a large herd of cattle, and a number of them charged at me.

I let go of the dog’s lead – which was a recommendation on a sign prior to entering the field. My dog ran away and some cattle gave chase, but others were still crowding around me.

Fortunately I managed to avoid any physical contact with the herd, and swiftly moved back to the entrance of the field. I then left the field, after collecting my dog from the corner. Luckily, both myself and the dog were unharmed.

I sometimes go walking with my partner and children, I dread to think what the outcome could have been if they were with me. Cattle do need to graze and roam freely over land, but maybe it would be sensible to fence footpaths off and separate them from where the cattle wander.

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Image by Paul Sprengers from Pixabay

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