A Farmer’s Story: charged by cattle

On the 3rd April, 2021, I was walking with my family through Aston Hall Farm, in Wen, Shropshire. We were following the footpath, and I had my working gun-dog on a lead, who has been brought up on our own farm. We didn’t see any warning signs, but there was cattle in the field – a group of heifers and bullocks, dairy cross.

The cattle decided to charge at me and my family.

I have been brought up with bulls and cows since I was born, and I used to show cows and bulls. I trust them, but I also know when they turn nasty. So, we detoured through the farm yard, where we were confronted by a man (the farmer) saying we are off the footpath. We told him why we had left the path, and he was aggressive.

We weren’t injured and my dog was not harmed, but we were frightened. The farmer should be reported to the council.

I am a farmer myself, and we have footpaths running through our farm. Whether it is sheep or cattle, I always put up fencing to separate walkers and livestock, and to keep each other safe.

Image by Cally Lawson from Pixabay

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