Sally’s Story: lifted up into the air.

On the 12th May, 2021, I was walking on my own with my two dogs on a lead. We were walking along a public footpath down a field near Bull Cross Farm, Dronfield, near Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

In the field were a group of cows with their calves.

I stayed to the left of the field, making sure I was not coming between any cows and their calves. But a large cow approached and started mooing and getting close to my dogs.

I let both the dogs go, but one is very old and one very young, and they didn’t run. So I pushed the dogs as far into the hedge as I could to protect them.

The cow managed to lift me off the ground and into the air. I landed heavily on my bum. I’m not sure how, but I managed to scramble a few feet back up field and forced my way through the hedge and into next field. Luckily, there were no cows in this field.

Miraculously, the dogs were unharmed, but I ended up with some wonderful bruises. Plus, I need to order some new glasses, as I realised later that I must have left them in the field with the cow, and no way was I going to return for them.

I was more affected by the attack than I originally thought, found it difficult to concentrate at work, and spent the next week-end having some rest and recuperation.

I reported the attack to the police, to the farmer and to the local council. The council are not interested, and the police said they would write a letter. A letter! When I telephoned the farmer to inform him, he turned very aggressive over phone. Unfortunately, I reacted by swearing and hanging up the phone. (I know that was the wrong thing to do, but I was still in a bit of shock at the time.)

A very nice chap from the police did call me back to tell me to report the attack to the Health and Safety Executive – which I will do.

I just want cows moved now so nobody else gets hurt. Cows with very young calves should NOT be put in a field with public access!

Photos: Sally’s own

Report ID 251040392

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