Jolene’s Story: circled by cows

On the 17th March, 2021, I was walking my dog on our regular walking route, along the footpath which runs across a field in Stoke Edith, just right off the road towards Perton quarry. This is in Herefordshire, between Tarrington and Dormington.

The field currently is full of cows and their calves. These cows aren’t usually near the footpath but the last 2 weeks they have become a real nuisance. Where they are in the field always decides the fate of our daily walk.

Today, I walked into the field and saw the cows weren’t on the footpath, so I kept my dog on the lead and started to walk along the path. Suddenly, the cows and their calves came running across the footpath towards us – and wouldn’t stop.

I pulled my dog out of the way and tried to walk around the cows. But they kept circling around us.

We stopped and let them sniff us out. Eventually, they walked away.

We weren’t hurt, but the incident had us shaken up. So, on the way back, I walked along the busy main road on our way back. I was in shock all day and evening as a result.

I won’t be in a hurry to go back into that field again.

It seems very unfair that the cows are allowed onto the public footpath. I think farmers should have to put temporary fencing up when keeping cows in a field which has a public footpath or right of way. Temporary fencing around a footpath could prevent incidents like this – and worse ones.

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Image by Peggychoucair from Pixabay

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