Charged by a cow.

On the 4th April, 2021, we were walking near Godalming, England, when we were attacked by a cow.

The incident involved a group of five using a public right of way through private land. We didn’t have a dog with us.

Two of us were separated at the rear of the group, and the other three were around 15 metres in front. I spotted the cow first, out of the corner of my eye, behind us, and about 20 metres away.

It was charging directly at us!

We readied ourselves to dodge the cow at the last minute – but, fortunately a member of the group in front of us had experience with animals and assertively shouted at the cow. This served to confuse it, and it eventually stopped around 2 metres away from us.

As I ushered my partner away, the cow repeatedly charged towards us. Each time it charged, we shouted at it and were forced to dodge out of its way. There were around 4 to 5 charges in total, each of which was aggressive.

Slowly we backed away from the cow, dodging attacks, until eventually it stopped, and we were able to leave the field.

We reported the incident to the police.

Respondent ID: 250081228

Photo from Unsplash

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