Matt’s story: chased over barbed wire

In April, 2019, me and my wife wanted to use a public footpath to walk into Retford. So, we started walking along a footpath which runs from Grove, through some fields, and down to Grove Coach Road.

We had heard from many people in the village that there were cows around who were known for charging. We couldn’t see the cows at first. But, when we half way down, we came across a group of Limousin cattle with calves.

Suddenly, a lot of the cows charged right at us.

We had to run, and we scrambled over a barbed wire fence to get away. Luckily, we weren’t injured, but we did snag our clothes on the barbed wire, and we were badly frightened.

After this, we are too scared to walk that way again. Other people have told us they won’t walk this way either.

I can’t remember if I saw any warning signs, but local people do know there are cows in that field. I would like to see a fence running down the side of the field, and across to the other rights of way, to keep us safe.

Respondent ID: 249624868

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