Near Miss: surrounded by cows

On the 13th June, 2020, I was running with a friend along a public footpath near Harewood, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

It was a Saturday morning. My friend had previous run the route before and had not seen cows in the field. We started running along the footpath which runs through the middle of a wide field and is uphill. At the top of the field sat the farmhouse and a stile.

About a halfway across we were aware of cows around the edges of the field wandering over to us. They suddenly seemed to pick up their pace – and some were mooing loudly. There were no calves present.

We decided to stop running but kept walking slowing. The cows surrounded us in a ring and we were then trapped inside as they started gently butting us with their heads. My legs were shaking, and I was certain that we would be knocked to the ground. They mooed louder and louder, and I was terrified.

My friend had seen a video on YouTube about cows recently. Very bravely, she raised her hands in the air and started walking towards them. One by one they moved backwards and we could inch forward very slowly towards the exit.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the cattle dispersed. We were both in tears.

We then tried to walk towards the stile – but once again they started moving back towards us as a group. As we were closer to the stile, we decided to make a run for it, and managed to bolt over the stile to safety.

Nobody came out from the farm. I wish I had knocked on the door to tell them what had happened. We weren’t injured but we were terrified. If I’d been with my children I dread to think what would have happened.

To this day I know avoid any fields with cows and would say I am terrified of them now.

Report reference 249596583

Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash

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