Maria’s story: scary encounter with an unsettled cow

On the 7th September, I was walking on my own in Havering Country Park.

While walking through a public field with cattle, I noticed two cows bumping heads together, so I stopped and observed the area for a few seconds. Then, one of the cows started to run towards me.

I held my hands up and stayed stationary. The cow slowed down and stopped. I then slowly started to walk away.

The cow stood its ground as I left the field, and it then ran to the water trough for water and seemed unsettled in general. From a distance from the field I noticed there were several heavily pregnant cows amongst the cattle.

It was a scary situation which I didn’t feel prepared or warned about. There should have been more warning signs for the public using the paths.

Header Photo by Harry Cunningham from Pexels

Report reference 241386215

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