Cheryl’s story: blocked footpaths and a ruined walk

On the 8th of August, 2020, I was walking with my husband along a public footpath near Taddington, which is near Buxton in Derbyshire.

We followed a circular route from our countryside book, and a quarter of the way into the walk we had to cross several fields. As we approached one field, I noticed that there was a large herd of cattle, with calves among them. I refused to go through this field, because of an incident in June elsewhere. We found another route.

However, we soon came across yet another large herd of cows with calves. I looked for an escape route, in case it was necessary, but unfortunately all the stone walls were surrounded by electric tape, so we had no chance of scaling the walls.

I just couldn’t bring myself to risk it, so we ended up backtracking and using the road. My husband said I was being ridiculous which caused an argument.

There were plenty of empty fields all around, but these cows just happened to be on the public footpath. We are tending to find this more and more, and I’m convinced that some farmers are fed up with a small minority of the public that don’t respect the countryside, and it’s a deliberate move to keep you off their land.

This is becoming a real issue for me and I’m reluctant to go walking now.

We have been keen walkers for 30 odd years, but having been chased a number of times in the last 12 months. I’m too frightened to risk it anymore!

Header Image by adege from Pixabay

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