Cows blocking a footpath

On the 6th September, 2020, I was walking on my own along a public footpath between Hallaton and Allexton, Leicestershire.

I came to a field of cattle. There was a group of cows, a bull with the cows, and calves were present in the same field. I’m not sure what breed they were, but they were a mix of different colours – black, white, brown, horned, etc.

When I went to enter the field, the cows came straight up to the gate in a vicious manner. I went down to a further gate, and they ran across the field and gathered around me, blocking my pathway again. This has happened on multiple occasions in the same two fields next to a white farmhouse.

I wasn’t injured or frightened, but it was a nuisance and I had to abandon my walk. I wish the cows had been put in one of a number of fields, not on the public footpath, so that I do not have to stress about cows blocking the footpath.

Header Photo by Jonas Koel on Unsplash

Report reference: 241321384

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