Chiaki’s story: had to hide in a bush.

On the 16th August 2020, I was walking on my own along a public footpath by the Cuckmere River in East Sussex.

I came across a group of black cows, who followed me. I had to jump into a small muddy stream to escape from them, then had to wait for help in a bush, surrounded by the cows. I was rescued by strangers.

I was frightened, and had scratches from the bush, but luckily no other injuries. I reported the incident to the police but, as far as I know, nobody is investigating it.

There were no warning signs about cattle, but a sign saying no dogs unless on a lead. I didn’t have a dog with me. If there was a warning about aggressive cows because of calves, I would not have used the public path especially on my own.

Location: Scrubbing.contexts.souk

Top Image by pen_ash from Pixabay

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