Jay’s Story: a geocaching adventure spoiled

On the 21st June, 2020, two of us were walking along a public footpath in the Sedgeberrow area, Worcestershire. We entered a field which had a warning sign saying “Caution bull called Henry” and also a public footpath sign.

We saw there was a group of cows with calves in the field, and a bull.

We were geocaching and, as the geocache was hidden in the middle of the field, we walked towards it.

The cows began to all group up near us, and we decided to slowly walk away. Suddenly, one of the calves started to charge at us from about 5 metres away. We began to walk more quickly. The cows speeded up and I ran. All the cows in the field were running too.

We ran past a string of barbed wire fencing, and reached safety.

We weren’t hurt, but we were badly frightened.


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