Heiferlump: a walk spoiled by an aggressive cow.

On the 22/5/2020, two of us were walking through a field along a footpath. This was between Cumnor Rd, Wootton, Oxfordshire and the old part of Wootton, near Boars Hill, Oxfordshire.

I always take the same walk across the countryside behind my house, to go on my daily 5k walk for exercise during lockdown.

There were a group of cows with calves present in the same field. One of the cows came near me, and lowered its head and stamped the ground with its front hooves for a few seconds. All the other cows nearby ignored us.

I ran away as fast as I could (for about 100 meters) and the cow didn’t follow me.

There are lots of fenced off fields adjacent to the one I walked through, but the cows are allowed to wonder about through all the fields as the farmer leaves the gates open. I will now have to avoid this field, which means doing a detour along the road which is full of traffic and unpleasant to walk on.

Shame, as I loved my walks in the countryside.


Photo by Adrian Infernus on Unsplash

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