Laura’s story: injured during an escape from a field of cows

On the 12/5/2020, I was running on my own along a public footpath near Aylesbury, when I had a frightening encounter with a herd of cows.

A farm off of Moreton Lane in Bishopstone has alpaca in an enclosure that you can walk through, and the field after that has a public footpath crossing it. I have not seen cows there previously.

I was running across this field, and wasn’t aware of the presence of cows until I was halfway across. The cows appeared from the left and were running in my direction. I ran through a wide-open gate and into the next field, where I saw a fence to my right that was about 4ft high.

I scaled the fence as quickly as I could. It was coated in barbed wire, and I ripped my clothing and cut my hands badly.

The cows proceeded to follow me around the edge of the field, chasing me, and preventing me from leaving. I had no access to the public footpath and no safe escape.

I called 101, but they were unable to locate a contact number for the farmer, so I had to walk across two adjacent fields (one had cow muck in so I knew there could be more cattle around), before finally finding a lane that took me back to the main road.

Not only did I end up with cut hands from the barbed wire fencing, and with ripped clothing, but I also bruised my hip and knee from falling.

The cows in the field were fast and frightening, and if I’d have had my 6 year old son with me I hate to think what would have happened. These cows are unsafe and should not be on a public right of way. They should be fenced off and there should be signage.

Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

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