Christine’s story: turned back by cows

On the 5th of May, 2020, I was walking with my dog on a lead along the Reservoir Walk, near the Welford Reservoir in Northamptonshire.

I saw a group of cows in a field, and they had calves with them. Before we reached the field, the cows saw us coming and walked towards us (led by one particular cow). They walked quickly and were making quite a lot of noise.

When we reached the entrance to the field, they became increasingly noisy and skittish. Because I felt nervous, I walked along our side of the fence with the dog on a lead, to test their reaction.The cows started running and bucking.

Sadly, my dog was frightened by the aggressive behaviour of the cows, panicked, and was injured when he got an electric shock from the fence.

The risk seemed too great, so we didn’t enter the field and had to abandon our walk.

I cannot understand how it is still OK in a world of strict Health & Safety regulations, for walking a public footpath to be such a dangerous gamble because of cows.

I would like the law to insist that farmers take responsibility for keeping the public safe whilst using a public footpath that crosses their land. That might mean creating a fenced off path through, or around, a field where cows are grazing.

Image by Mathias Westermann from Pixabay

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