An unsuitable electric fence and an unusable footpath.

An anonymous visitor reports:

On the 3rd May 2020, our family was walking along a footpath just south of Forty Acre Farm, in Alveston, Gloucestershire. We saw that a herd of cows had been moved into a field directly south of the farm.

These cows have been reported by numerous friends and neighbours for chasing people. Although the field where they usually graze is crossed by a footpath, it is usually possible to avoid them. Not this time.

We saw the electric fence was small and would have been fine for sheep, but seemed inadequate for cows. It was also too close to the hedge. Our dog was firmly on a short lead and was walking quietly at our heel, but I had 4 children under ten years of age with me and my husband.

We saw the farm lady and commented that the electric fence was too close to the hedge, and we asked if we could walk through the field. She said we could but the cows would run at us!

When I pointed out I wouldn’t put my children at risk like that, she huffed and said she’d move the fence away from the hedge. But the electric fence us so small and underpowered I don’t think it would stop a cow anyway, so we went another way.

Image by Maret Hosemann from Pixabay

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