Andrew’s story: a runner chased by cows.

On Tuesday 21st April 2020 I was running along my normal route toward St Columb Major, (Parish/path no./link no. : 415/2/1) near Trenoweth Manor Farm, in Cornwall.

At a gate into a field on the path, there was a sign saying beware of the bull and cows with calves (which was not normally there) and saying we must keep dogs on leads. As it was just me, with no dog, I entered the field and looked to see where the cows were. They all seemed to be well up the hill about 30 metres or so away from the path, on the southern edge of the field.

As I got halfway along the field boundary, I noticed two calves alone in a patch of fallen dead trees, about 10 metres from the path. At about the same time, the cows suddenly made noises and started jogging toward me. I now had the calves between myself and the cows and was equidistant from either exit, so I had no choice but to continue.

I sprinted for the footpath exit in the St Columb direction. About 4 or 5 cows ran after me.

When I made it to the stile, they were only about 10 metres away.

This was quite a scary incident. I am not sure if the cows would have harmed me, but I know a cow with a calf is much more dangerous than without.

I do know that having to sprint to escape danger should not be part of a run along a public footpath.

I believe that the HSE currently advise farmers not to put cows and calves together in fields that are accessed by the public, due to this danger

Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

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