Petition about dangerous cattle ignored.

In April, we received the following report from a Stourport resident. Sadly, this demonstrates how reluctant authorities are to take seriously the risk of injuries by cattle.

I live next to Burlish nature reserve, which is near Stourport on Severn (map reference DY13 8NB). Each winter the local council Ranger Service graze up to 12 cows, some with calves, across the reserve. It is a relatively small area (it takes about 45 mins to walk around at a good pace). It is used by children taking a short cut to and from school, by dog walkers, hikers, and it has a cycle route passing through the middle of it.

The cows are not segregated and I know of several instances where dogs have been kicked and one lady chased.

Several years ago I started a petition and in just one week, working for only one hour a day, I asked 110 walkers if they were happy with cows roaming freely. Over 100 said they were not happy. I presented my petition to Wyre Forest DC and they chose to ignore it and told me they`d had no complaints!! Last year at least one of the cows gave birth near to a pubic footpath.

I have argued till I`m blue in the face , with the rangers, but they take no notice. Interestingly they remove the cattle from the area at weekends , due to the danger to the public !!

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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