Walker killed by cattle in the Dales

[We are sad to report the first death this year of a walker killed by cattle in the UK.]

Death in Yorkshire

On the 30th May, a couple of elderly walkers were strolling through a field near Ingleborough, when they were attacked by a herd of cows. Tragically, the man died of his injuries. The woman was severely bruised, but survived.

According to the outdoors magazine ‘Grough‘, the walkers had two small terriers with them. According to other reports, the cows had calves which they may have been protecting. Read the BBC news report of the incident, which was also reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Another death in the time of virus

While hundreds of people are dying every day from this horrible Covid-19 virus, it is easy to forget that the peaceful fields of England can contain hidden dangers too.

As the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions begin to ease, we urge people to be careful, and continue to report cattle attacks to us.

You can read some of our advice for walkers here.


Header photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash

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