Warning: avoid carrying plastic bags!

This communication is just for your information. I have had a few slightly scary encounters with cattle on my numerous country walks, but with one incident there was an explanation you need to know about.

I was walking in North Warwickshire with my daughter in a field. Suddenly, a pack of about a dozen cows (with a calf or two) came charging towards us.

My daughter shouted, “They are charging us!”

Fortunately, we were near the kissing gate and quickly got out of the field. I recall the cows making a ‘complaining’ mooing sound.

On that particular walk (unusually) I was carrying an ordinary plastic supermarket bag hanging down from my hand. I’ve since learned that when cows see these type of bags they think you are going to feed them. Hence they came running over towards us and made their complaining mooing sound. They must have thought they had missed a feeding!

I think this is one thing walkers must not do: don’t carry carrier bags hanging down from your hand.

I know most walkers don’t carry plastic bags with them, but it is one thing to avoid.

Kind regards, Tim

Our reply: Thank you Tim, that is a useful piece of information and something to remember when going for a walk in the countryside.


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