Josh’s story: agitated cattle

On the 3rd October, this year, I was walking on my own in the Lambley Dumbles, Nottinghamshire. I was walking across a field of cattle, using the footpath, when one single cow started to charge for me.

I began to run away, and it soon stopped chasing me, but nonetheless it was a frightening experience.

The following day, on the 4th October, I had to cross the same field. This time, literally every single cow followed me to the other side. They all seemed very agitated and a few broke into a run. A stampede seemed like a very real possibility.

I reached the safety of a stile, where they stopped, but they didn’t calm down until I was well out of sight.

I did see a warning sign about cows with their young, a bull in the field, and advice to keep dogs on a short lead. I didn’t have a dog with me and I really don’t think it is safe have these cows surrounding a footpath after the two incidents I experienced, especially with the amount of elderly people I see walking in and around the Lambley Dumbles.

I would also like to add that I walked through in a completely sensible manner. I was shaken by my first experience so I read up on how to safely walk through a cow field, but even so they took a very uncomfortable interest in me.

 Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay

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