Three near misses

Recently, we have posted a series of reports that describe nasty injuries caused by cattle attacks.  Of course, for every person injured, there are many more who have been badly frightened, who have been forced to turn back from a walk, or have had to make a hasty exit from a field of cattle.

Here are three such stories of ruined walks.

1) GoT88: chased down by a herd

On the 22nd April, 2019, we were walking along a public footpath between Thirsk and South Kilvington.

As we walked through a field, with our two dogs on leads, we noticed in the distance a herd of cows and a bull.  We continued walking along the designated footpath towards the herd, and then I noticed that the herd had started to move towards us. They were all moving together in a large group of at least 20 cows.

Our dogs were well behaved, and didn’t react to the cows or bark.

The cattle got nearer and started to move faster. We turned back towards the stile, but the herd kept coming at us and we were being chased down. So we ended up climbing over an adjacent gate to escape to safety. We were both unharmed but felt things could have been a lot worse.

2) The Wanderer: problems with unhappy bullocks

On the 4th May, 2019, the two of us were walking along the Wales Coast Path between Aberystwyth and Llanrhystud.

We were following the path, and entered a field with cows. We were at first a little unnerved, 700 pound creatures tend to do that to you, but they didn’t seem to have an issue with us, until one decided to come right at us. We left the field quickly and found another way round.

On the way back, we found that the diverted route was filled with a load of bullocks. They were not happy to see us. Even from the other side of the field boundary they started to charge at us. We eventually made our way through a quieter part of the field, but rest assured, we were not a fan of cattle by this point.

 3) Phil P: chased across the field by cows

On 21st May, 2019, I was walking along a public footpath with my dog on a leash. The footpath passes through the middle of a field which is completely open (i.e. no fencing separating the footpath from the field).

There were cows in the field, and they started chasing me and my dog. I shouted aggressively at them, to get them to move back, although this did not stop them.

We managed to get out of the field, and we weren’t injured, but it was a frightening experience.


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