Mike’s Story – charged by a cow

On the 10th September, I was walking along a public footpath in a field between Bidborough Woods and Southborough Woods in Kent. I was on my own with my dog and saw no warning signs about cattle. There was long grass on either side of the path, and my dog was about 20 feet behind me.

Suddenly a brown cow ran at me and the dog. It charged – and we ran for our lives.

The cow stopped, and we continued to run through the gap in the fence. After we were both out of the field, I stopped to take a photo. When I walked back toward the cow, she again moved towards me, and I retreated.

Mike's story - the cow that charged

I was not injured, and the dog was unharmed, but we were badly frightened. I could barely believe what had happened.

[Photos of his dog, and the cow, were supplied by Mike.]

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