Abigail’s injuries

Recently we published Abigail’s story, where she describes being pushed from cow to cow before being knocked to the ground. (You can read her account of the cattle attack here.)

Since posting the story, Abigail has sent us photos of her injuries. Her leg was badly bruised and required stitching and repeat dressings.

Abigail's leg

Her hand was also injured and required treatment and dressing.

Abigail's hand after attack by killer cowsPerhaps Abigail was lucky to escape without broken bones, or without a more serious injury to her head or internal organs, but the pain and distress caused by such an attack should not be minimised.

You would think our footpaths should be safe, particularly in an area promoted as a place for recreational walking. This attack took place on National Trust land in one of our designated National Parks. It’s a shame the authorities haven’t taken the incident more seriously.

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