Scramble over barbed wire

I was on a public footpath in Anglesey with a companion, and we were headed downhill east from Bod Feddau (shown on 1:25000 OS explorer Anglesey East) through a field at SH593797. We saw some bullocks in the field, and we took a low key detour to avoid the field they were in. We had no dog with us.

There was a connecting gate we hadn’t noticed. The bullocks caught sight of the pair of us and came at us at a gallop. We climbed over a couple of barbed wire fences to avoid them, getting our clothes ripped in the process.

Getting very fed up with similar incidents on Anglesey. Many farmers seem to be obstructing the footpaths with problem cattle. There were approx 25 bulls in this incident and they looked to be at least 10 months old, and possibly Limousin; which seem to be common locally. Getting to the point when I’ll just pack wire cutters to make escape easier and safer.

I’ve reported it to the council but have had no reply.

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