Jude’s story: butted and trampled

What happened?

On the 28th February, 2019, I was walking alone with my dog on a lead, along footpath number three below Tutbury Castle , Staffordshire. In the field was a herd of cattle. Initially, I didn’t notice any bulls or calves, but later I realised there were at least two bulls in the field, along with cows, heifers, and bullocks. There were calves present too. They were a mix of breeds, Aberdeen Angus, Charolais and Friesian.

I was approached from behind on both sides and completely encircled by the cattle within seconds. Then I was head butted by a bull and thrown into the air. After that I was trampled on and dragged 20 feet along the ground.

My head was split open, with a 4/5 cm cut in the middle of my forehead, and I suffered concussion. I also had massive bruising to my left thigh and hip, and to my right shin. In addition, I suffered multiple bruising and soft tissue damage across my torso, and was later diagnosed with three fractured ribs.

The aftermath of the cattle attack

Four months later, I still have pain in both hips, torso, stomach, left shoulder, ankle and right shin. I’m waiting for a CAT and MRI scans to assess injuries fully, as they were not checked out properly at the hospital at the time. I’m unable to walk at a normal pace, and I still feel confused and am in agony from my injuries!

I’ve reported this attack to the police, the local authority, the Health and Safety Executive, and to the Ramblers Association. The police aren’t interested. The Health and Safety Executive are investigating, but I’m having difficulty accessing the progress of their investigation and their reports.

 What could be done differently?

I would like proper signage and better fencing. I don’t think cattle should be kept on public rights of way.

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