Andy’s story: Frightened by a rogue cow

In May 2019, I was walking with my daughter along a footpath near Coalburns, Gateshead.

There was a group of cows and calves in the field, along with some bullocks. I’m experienced at walking among cattle and normally OK. This time, one or two younger bulls were inquisitive but soon lost interest. Then an older cow started to follow us.

I did have my two labradors with us, which I kept on a very short lead at all times, as I was conscious of younger calves in the field. The calves were quite a distance from us. The cow following us didn’t appear to have a calf with her.

The cow became more and more threatening and aggressive. I had to shout and raise my voice a few times to make her back off, but she continued to follow us, even though we were now on the far side of the herd and heading out of the field.

The cow continued to follow us, and then started running towards us, bucking its back legs in the air as it turned around us. Quite scary! I even resorted to picking up an old fence post that I thought I might need to fend her off. My daughter was very scared.

Luckily we weren’t injured, and the dog was unharmed, but we were badly scared.


Photo by Luca Basili on Unsplash

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