Dog trampled and walkers injured

On the 9th of June, a group of four of us were walking along a footpath from Rockford Common car park (Ringwood, Hampshire). The path runs parallel to the road, and we were heading towards Linwood. We had a dog on a lead.

We spotted a group of brown cows and waited for them to cross the path. We the proceeded to go down the path.

One cow suddenly started to run towards our dog. The person holding the dog’s lead began to run, and dropped the lead to the ground. The cow butted the dog and then began stamping on the dog, who curled up on the ground. Three other cows joined in, all trampling the dog.

We shouted at the cows, and the lead cow (the one who had first started going after the dog) turned and butted one of us.

At this point, the dog managed to get up and run away.

At the end of this incident, one of us was left with bruises and scratches. Another was also bruised and scratched, but also had their watch broken and lost their glasses.

Sadly, the dog was very badly bruised, and had to be scanned at the vets to rule out any internal injuries. She was lucky to be alive. The cows stamped on her stomach, landing at least two severe blows. If they had stamped on her chest she would probably have died.

We have just reported the attack to the Ramblers Association and to the local authority. There were no warning signs about the cows, but we gather there was an incident in the same area only about three weeks before this attack on us and our dog.

I believe the Commoners (who have grazing rights in the area) should be held responsible for aggressive cows, and there should be clear warning signs if there was a previous incident.

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  1. You could try reporting the incident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who have some powers of enforcement over dangerous cattle. Also worth contacting the National Farmers Union (NFU), who insure quite a few farmers.

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