Chased out of the field!

This September, the two of us were walking on a footpath in the Derbyshire Dales near Throwley Hall, with our dog on a lead.

There were some cows in the field. They were light brown and tan coloured, some a rust colour – possibly Guernsey, although I’m not sure. We are used to livestock and were giving the cows a wide berth so as not to split the herd.

One particular cow made straight for us and came towards our dog, calling very loudly. The rest of the herd began to move towards us too.

My partner shouted at the ‘main’ cow and waved his hands. It turned away momentarily, before turning back and suddenly rushing at my partner. He dropped our dog’s lead and the dog ran off, pursued by the herd.

These cattle were extremely agitated and even after retrieving our dog and getting out of the field, they pursued us to the gate.

I’ve reported the incident to the local authority but, as far as I’m aware, they’re not investigating it further.

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