Trampling season well under way

Spring has sprung and summer is here, and the cows are out in the fields. And so the fields have become dangerous places to be. Here we report three recent cattle attacks.

Cattle attack in Cheshire

May 19th: A 38-year-old man, Adam Delves, was attacked in Cheshire, while walking along a public path through a field. A group of around 14 cattle surrounded him.

“They attacked me, shoving me from one to the next and every bit of clothing was torn off me. The final thing they did was toss me into the air and luckily I landed on the other side of the fence.”

Lucky to escape with his life, he suffered bad cuts and bruises, had to cancel a planned holiday, and was unable to work as a self-employed taxi driver.

The cattle appeared to be protecting their very young calves. Adam wonders what might have happened if the cows had attacked a child.

“Those animals should not be in a field which has a public footpath. They could have an electric fence to cordon them off.”

Source: The Leader, online news

Herd strikes once

In Oxfordshire, a passing motorist noticed a commotion by the canal towpath, where a number of men in high-vis jackets were shouting and waving at a group of cows. She stopped her car and, to her horror, saw a woman was being trampled beneath the cows.

Eventually, they managed to distract the cows and release the woman, who was taken to hospital. Her injuries are said to be serious.

The motorist happened to be local Banbury MP, Victoria Prentis. This ensured the incident got some attention in the local newspaper.

Source: Oxford Mail

Cow strikes again

But this wasn’t the only attack. A cow from the same herd appears to have targeted other victims. This time it was a family group from a canal boat, who stopped on the bank to have a picnic.

The mother explained, “The cow charged us, knocked us over and butted my niece in the face.”

The cow attacked for no apparent reason, leaving the woman’s niece (aged 5) with a bloody mouth and damaged teeth. The mother and her daughter (aged 7) were also badly bruised and grazed.

It was only when they read about the other attack (the one where the MP was involved) that the family reported this cow attack to the police.

Source: Oxford Mail

These three stories highlight the dangers of walking in the countryside at this time of year. Cows are unpredictable and can attack without provocation, particular if they are protecting young calves.

We will continue to highlight the dangers, and encourage anybody who has had a nasty encounter with cattle – whether injured or not – to report the incident using our reporting tool.


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