Advice for Farmers

This site is dedicated to walkers who have been injured by cattle, and we’ve received numerous reports of cattle attacks involving people rambling in the countryside. But, it is worth remembering that the group MOST at risk is not walkers, but farmworkers.

In Scotland, a recent Fatal Accident Inquiry has been considering the circumstances around the death of farmer Tommy MacFarlane, who was crushed when a heifer tried to jump over a barrier. As in many of these cases, the farmer was not a young man. He was aged 69 and working alone. You can read about the Inquiry in this article in the Scotsman newspaper.

In Ireland, two recent deaths – one in Co. Galway and one in Armagh – have prompted the Farmer’s Guardian website to publicise guidance from the Farm Safety Foundation.

Consider this startling fact, as published on the Farm Safety Foundation’s Yellow Wellies website:

“Being killed by an animal is the second highest cause of death in farming (annual average over last 5 years). A total of 28 people lost their lives over the past five years as a result of being injured by cattle and bulls.”

Sadly, the published guidance is all about farm workers and their handling of cattle, with no mention being made of the risks posed to members of the public. This needs to change.

The safety of farm workers is, of course, very important. But, cows attack both farmers AND walkers, and everybody who ventures into the countryside should be protected.

If you have an opinion you want to share, do let us know.

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