Kathleen ran to rescue a trampled boy

In May 2015, I was walking with my husband along a footpath through a field behind Redhurst Cottage, Wetton Mill, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire

We walked past a group of cows and met a small boy with his grandmother walking in the opposite direction. I heard the grandmother say, ‘We have to be careful around cows in calf.’ The boy asked what that meant and the grandmother explained.

Then, one cow in the group just went for the boy. It trampled down the grandmother to get at the child, and looked like it was trying to kill the boy.

The grandmother shouted, ‘Help me!’ and we ran down the field towards them.

By this time, the boy’s father was in the field, but he could not get the boy out from under the cow. My husband went to help, and he pulled the boy out. I led him away, while the father and my husband kicked the cow as hard as they could to stop the attack.

Once the boy was out of eyeshot, the cow lost interest and ambled away.

A First Responder turned up, and then an ambulance arrived. The paramedics checked out the boy and the grandmother, and we heard the boy eventually went to hospital to be checked over. He was OK, just scratched and shocked.

His father had some minor injuries, and we took him into our rented cottage and lent him our first aid kit to sort himself out. The grandmother and my husband suffered bumps and scratches.

I’m sure the grandmother and the boy did nothing to upset the cow, as they seemed aware of the dangers. The incident was reported to the police, although as far as I’m aware the farmer was not prosecuted. The story did appear in the local paper.

This was a very frightening and potentially life threatening incident. It has changed our behaviour when out walking and our attitude towards livestock.

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