Mike’s story: housebound after an attack

I was walking alone on a footpath in Somerset, 1st September 2017, and had nearly reached Chardstock, when a large herd of bullocks made a bee-line for me.

I expected to be able to shoo them away, but I didn’t have a stick and they wouldn’t budge.

Finally, I ran to a nearby gate and tried to climb over it, but the sound of their approaching hooves panicked me. I threw myself over the top rail, landing in the mud on the other side.

My right leg and ankle were smashed on the bars.

I take Apixaban, an anticoagulant drug, for medical reasons, and this makes me prone to bleeding. My doctor was unhelpful and, when the injury got worse, would not come out. So I was taken by a friend to the Minor Injuries Unit at Chard where I got proper advice, and crutches, and later started physiotherapy.

As a result of the injuries I was housebound, unable to move or walk, and in considerable pain for two months. Food shopping help was provided by neighbours and friends.

I live alone so it was very hard.

I am virtually recovered now, but it was a long haul given my medical regime of Apixaban, and the swelling, etc. Ultimately the good old body finds its way back to health, with a little massage and elevation. I am still doing physio exercises, my ankle is stiff, and there is a haematoma on my calf.

I didn’t report it to anybody at the time, but I intend to let the farmer know about the incident as I think there should have been an electric fence up

Well done with the website and collecting tales of cow woe. I would like to see the wider use of electric fences, and a compensation scheme for people who’ve been injured.

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