Simon meets a rogue black cow.

In August 2016, my wife and I were walking on Dartmoor near Sticklepath (grid reference SX 625925). We noticed scattered cattle, and then one black cow began behaving strangely.

This cow started walking towards us. We weren’t heading directly towards her and, at first, we just ignored her. She gradually got closer (as if stalking us). Suddenly, she charged straight at us.

We tried to dodge her, tripped on rough ground and fell over.

The cow stopped about 2 meters away. We quickly got to our feet before she could trample us. When we stood up she began backing away, and we raised our arms to look bigger. She backed away some more, and we walked away, slowly, in the opposite direction.

Luckily, we only suffered some minor bruising from the fall, and did not need medical help. We are both in our 50s, agile walkers, and were embarrassed to have fallen over when trying to dodge the cow! Especially as we are aware of the danger of trampling.

That same day we passed many other cattle, which all ignored us and behaved normally.

We were very surprised by this incident. We were in open moorland and did not have a dog with us. No other people or dogs were visible. The cow could not have felt threatened by us, but it deliberately sought us out, and I wonder if it was ill (BSE?).

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