The Americans ran for it!

In 2014, my wife and I were walking on a marked trail near a golf course, near Bungay, in Suffolk.

The trail cut across a field for about 200 yards. We noticed there was a group of about 30 cows to our right at a distance of 50 yards, and three or four cattle/bulls to our left at about 100 yards. There were no calves in the field.

When we were about halfway across the field, the cattle to our left started trotting. We watched them get closer and began to walk at a quicker pace. At some point we realized the larger group of cows on our right were now much closer to us. We started to run for the edge of the field where there was a small bridge over a creek.

We just made it to the bridge with the full herd on our heels.

In our haste to escape, my wife tripped on the steps and hit her head on the floor of the wooden bridge. She had a bad bruise on her forehead plus a black eye. Despite her injuries, we felt fortunate that we were not trampled.

Six weeks later my wife went to see her doctor in USA. She still had a bump on her head and some discoloration on her face. The doctor said my wife should have gone to a doctor straight after the incident to check her out, as a safety precaution. However, no treatment was needed at that time, six weeks later, and there was no reason for X-rays, etc.

There was no warning sign about walking across the field, and we didn’t have a dog with us. We were in our early 70’s when this happened.

We didn’t report the attack at the time, and are pleased that you at Killer Cows are tracking these incidents.

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